Top 10 Favorite Sports Teams

  1. Los Angeles Dodgers (consistent supply of October heartbreak)
  2. Washington Huskies football (consistent supply of big game heartbreak)
  3. BIG GAP
  4. Seattle Mariners (if they screw up this batch of prospects the franchise should fold. Seriously)
  5. Anybody playing the Giants, Red Sox, or Astros (congrats Houston)
  6. Huskies Men’s Basketball (WTF happened in 2020!?!?!? ANYONE?)
  7. Suppose given I have money deposited for tickets, the Seattle hockey team. Please do not name them Kraken tho. KThx.
  8. Seattle Sounders (they won stuff right?)
  9. Los Angeles Kings (depending on what happens 2 slots above in the coming weeks)
  10. Iowa Hawkeyes football (best team with the least always, plus wife is from there)
  11. BONUS: Seattle SuperSonics (Let’s see if that happens before either light rail opens or my 7 year old can legally drink with me pregame.)
How my Octobers are spent

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