2020 Bracket game released

Welcome back to March


**All games are free to play. Any side wagers can be made on your own accord.

  1. Upon opening the home page, sign in on register your profile by hitting the “Menu” button to open the dropdown, then “Register” button in the dropdown. This will open a popup, fill out your name, email address, and pick your favorite team from the 320+ Division 1 basketball schools. Once all is filled out, hit the REGISTER button. This will log your profile and you will receive an email confirming.
  2. Once you registered, returning players click the “Sign In” button in the dropdown, then enter your user name and email (which is how you get correspondance and pick results emailed), then hitting SIGN IN.
  3. From there choose which tournament you want to play by clicking on the conference section you wish to fill out. **Notice, only certain tournaments will be available during certain times. Refer to the below table outlining registration times.
  4. Once selecting a tournament, this will prompt an overlay which is the gateway to take you to the bracket fill out screen.
  5. Reaching the brackets page, either click or touch teams to make picks to advance that team until the bracket if filled, OR AUTO POPULATE PICKS by selecting an option from the drop down at teh bottom of the page. Choose from the following options:
    1. Randomly selected team advances
    2. Highest Seeds advances
    3. Best Overall Rating advances
    4. Best Offensive Rating advances
    5. Best Defensive Rating advances
    6. Most Wins advances
    7. Highest Enrollment advances
    8. Oldest Founding Date advances
    Metrics pulled from MasseyRatings.com, go check out his site, analytics from every sport you can imagine!
  6. MOBILE HANDSET USERS: click on the round tabs to go forward or back, filling out each page (round) will advance you until the bracket is filled out. You may have to scroll down to fill out all games depending on tournament and device size.
  7. Clicking on “INFO” icon will call an overlay that let you see all the game matchup info. This year added a bunch more data points, including team colors, distance campuses are from tournament cities, enrollment numbers, stats, percentage of picks on the site thusfar, and more…
  8. Once all the games are picked, another overlay will appear showing who you picked to win.
  9. Click the confirmation button to officially submit your bracket.
  10. Again, you will receive a new HTML email confirming and recapping your picks. You will return to the home screen at the point.

NEW THIS YEAR: Added in a couple conference more tournaments but the big change this year is the inclusion of Division 2 & 3 tournaments, for those of us who weren’t cool enough to go to a big school.


Mountain West TournamentMar 01 2020 00:00Mar 04 2020 12:00
Missouri Valley TournamentFeb 29 2020 21:00Mar 05 2020 16:00
West Coast TournamentFeb 29 2020 21:00Mar 05 2020 18:00
Division 3 TournamentMar 02 2020 13:00Mar 06 2020 09:00
ACC TournamentMar 08 2020 05:00Mar 10 2020 09:00
Division 2 TournamentMar 08 2020 13:00Mar 11 2020 09:00
Pac-12 TournamentMar 08 2020 05:00Mar 11 2020 12:00
Big Ten TournamentMar 08 2020 15:00Mar 11 2020 14:30
SEC TournamentMar 08 2020 15:00Mar 11 2020 16:00
Big 12 TournamentMar 08 2020 15:00Mar 11 2020 16:00
Big East TournamentMar 08 2020 05:00Mar 11 2020 16:00
American Athletic TournamentMar 08 2020 15:00Mar 12 2020 09:00
NIT TournamentMar 15 2020 18:00Mar 17 2020 16:00
NCAA TournamentMar 15 2020 17:00Mar 19 2020 08:00


Scoring will be standardized across all brackets, each round will count incrementally more than the previous round. I like rewarding players who pick well early, so later rounds do not double previous.

Tiebreaker will be based on earliest timestamp of when your picks are submitted, so there is an advantage for getting your picks in early!


To view picks, navigate to the desired tournament in the standings column (using the conference logo nav bar) on the home screen and click on the players row in the standings. This will pull up another page where you can view the completed bracket.


UPDATED FOR 2020 The home screen dropdown includes an “MOMENTS” button where you can watch YouTube clips of postseason classic moments. The default video is the most recent great moments in NCAA Tourney history, you can watch selected games by clicking on them in the list. Feel free to send me more Youtube clips and I will add them to the site and give you a shout out.


I will be sending emails to update players of upcoming deadlines, new openings, and standings and results throughout the month. I am tracking each player’s cumulative score, so obviously the more you fill out the better.

I developed this site using the latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox iPhone 8 Plus, and iPad, so those are your best bets in terms of a clean experience. Older version of IE (pre 10) will not work.

Let me know if you have any issues or questions!

As always, thanks so much for participating. Good luck!

Email me at nate@logelevel.com with any questions or issues. I will get back to you ASAP.

Top 10 Favorite Sports Teams

  1. Los Angeles Dodgers (consistent supply of October heartbreak)
  2. Washington Huskies football (consistent supply of big game heartbreak)
  3. BIG GAP
  4. Seattle Mariners (if they screw up this batch of prospects the franchise should fold. Seriously)
  5. Anybody playing the Giants, Red Sox, or Astros (congrats Houston)
  6. Huskies Men’s Basketball (WTF happened in 2020!?!?!? ANYONE?)
  7. Suppose given I have money deposited for tickets, the Seattle hockey team. Please do not name them Kraken tho. KThx.
  8. Seattle Sounders (they won stuff right?)
  9. Los Angeles Kings (depending on what happens 2 slots above in the coming weeks)
  10. Iowa Hawkeyes football (best team with the least always, plus wife is from there)
  11. BONUS: Seattle SuperSonics (Let’s see if that happens before either light rail opens or my 7 year old can legally drink with me pregame.)
How my Octobers are spent